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Can I find the dates of Passover for the past 20Years?

Guthrie 2 years ago 0

Cleaning up calendar downloads - Apple devices

questioning 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 3

A few years ago, in an easy download, I subscribed to Hebcal's Jewish calendar for my apple devices (MacBook pro, iPad, iPhone, all synced). It seemed to roll over from year to year. However recently I noticed, looking ahead to next year, that my Jewish calendar entries (holidays as well as Torah portions) abruptly ended. I went back onto Hebcal to download again, and now somehow I have multiple versions for certain dates, each represented in a different color as a different "calendar" within Apple (one called Jewish Holidays+my location, and two simply called Jewish Holidays). I want to clean this up without losing PAST Jewish holidays. Any suggestions?  Also, am I correct that there's no way to contact Hebcal directly about this?


Can't get the calendar to show candle lighting and havdalah times on the calendar

Sarah 2 years ago 0

Can't get the calendar to show candle lighting and havdalah times on the calendar even though I entered my zipcode. Using Windows desktop


RSS feed trigger at Shabbat time rather than week in advance?

Barry Pavel 2 years ago 0

Is it possible to have the RSS feed trigger at the appropriate candle lighting or havdalah time? Right now it seems like I can only get the information the week of?


WordPress Plugin - Weekly Shabbat Times

Aaron Reimann 2 years ago updated by Michael J. Radwin 2 years ago 1

I just wrote a little plugin that works with WordPress and I thought I'd share here.


Michael J. Radwin 2 years ago

Thanks! Awesome!


Overlapping verses?

Ruth Wilson 2 years ago updated by mori 1 year ago 7

I’m curious about the overlapping verses in Aliyot 4 (4-8) and 5 (6-10) of this week’s parasha Ki Tavo. 


How old is creation?

ezeribe Nedu 2 years ago updated by iSR48L 2 years ago 1

Your calendar indicates we are in the 5778th Year since Creation. Is there some resource that can help me understand how we settled on this, please?


How does Hebcal calculate the holidays for the years before rosh hashanah postponements were in place?

MPP 2 years ago updated by rayoflight 1 year ago 5

When Hebcal calculates the holidays 1000 years ago or more, does Hebcal take into account the fact that postponement rules were only condified by Maimonides in the 12th century? So if I were to go to 160 BC, during the Maccabean revolt, would the calendar accurate predict when Sukkot and the first Hannukah fell?

Michael J. Radwin 1 year ago

Recommend reading this book

Understanding the Jewish Calendar


HebCal Dashboard Widget

quark613 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 1

The HebCal Dashboard widget is now completely blank, no data at all, not connecting.  Is there any hope it will be restored?  I use it all the time. (I posted this under a previous issue but that was 3 years ago and the topic says "Fixed," which it most definitely is not.)


Downloading sunrise/sunset times to Google Calendar

Eliezer 2 years ago 0

I cannot find the place to download sunrise/sunset times to Google Calendar. Where is it please? Thanks!