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Outlook 2016 - Days Cross Over

Neil M 5 years ago updated by Michael J. Radwin 2 years ago 1

Downloaded ICS for Outlook 2016 for Israel. However, it shows each day as staddling two days e.g. 1 AV will start on one english day and carry onto the next. I think its because its picking up each "event" as starting at 1am and finishing at 1am.

Michael J. Radwin 2 years ago

Hi Neil, thanks for being a long time Hebcal user and reporting this bug many years ago. Although we corresponded privately recently, I'm also answering this question here for others who may be searching for the answer.

We were finally able to reproduce this error on Outlook 365 web. We made two changes to our iCalendar feeds to fix the problem for you:

1. Our .ics feeds so they include X-MICROSOFT-CDO-ALLDAYEVENT:TRUE which according to some Microsoft documentation might fix the problem.

2. Our VTIMEZONE implementation for Asia/Jerusalem (the timezone that is used throughout Israel) has been modified so it only uses a simpler, current Daylight Saving Time rules (which clocks are advanced by one hour, beginning on the Friday before the last Sunday of March, and ending on the last Sunday of October). This is perfectly accurate for any calendars 2013 and later (when the Israeli government standardized and simplified DST rules).

Shana Tova!

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How old am I in Hebrew years?

Shia 7 years ago updated by Michael J. Radwin 7 years ago 1

Do you have a calculator to find out one's age in Hebrew time?


What about the 4 blood moons 2014-2015 as an event feature to be added

jubilees6969 3 years ago updated by Cassandra D. Everhart 3 years ago 1

How about  adding

the 4 blood moons of 2014-2015  being the final jubilee year event,to your customizactions


Shabbos later this year prior to the first day of Chanukah

risa mandell 3 years ago updated by Michael J. Radwin 3 years ago 2

thanks for Hebcal.  Shabbos this past Friday, December 20 began in Philadelphia, PA USA at 4:19; that’s two minutes later than the previous Shabbos.  Usually, Shabbos doesn’t start to get later until the following one or two Sabbaths following Chanukah.  What’s going on? 


Need to re-establish access to Hebrew Calendar 9.

SoraLeah Leschen 3 years ago updated by Michael J. Radwin 2 years ago 2

When my new hard drive was installed, I lost access to Hebrew Calendar 9. Can you help me get it up again?

Michael J. Radwin 2 years ago

Hi, thanks for your message.

Calendar Maven used to provide an application with a similar name for Windows. The Calendar Maven company, formerly online at, now appears to be defunct., a different product, is a free Jewish calendar and holiday web site. Hebcal is not affiliated with CalendarMaven.

Unfortunately, doesn't support a native application on Windows or Mac, nor do we have native apps for Android or iPhone. At this point we're currently a website that allows exporting/downloading calendar data to lots of different applications. You can download/subscribe to a fresh feed here:

Or if you want advanced settings like candle lighting times for Shabbat and holidays, Ashkenazi transliterations, Israeli holiday schedule, etc, go to our Customize Calendar page here:


Parshat Terumah 2020

navah kogen 3 years ago updated by Horea Kaii 3 years ago 3

Hi there - I was just looking at Parshat Terumah in 2020, and found that the aliyot for full kriyah don't line up with the tikkun (and multiple chumashim that I consulted to double check). The 2nd aliyah should be 25:17-40 (which is the end of 25), and then the aliyot continue to differ from there on. Is there anyone who can address this, so others aren't confused? Thanks! 


Only export minor holidays

amenaged1 4 years ago updated by Patsy J. Moore 3 years ago 2

I'm trying to make two separate calendars, one with only the major holidays and one with only the minor holidays, to have no duplicates. When I try to only export the minor holidays, it automatically includes the major ones. Is there any way to remove this feature? 


Remove hebcal calendar events from

ClaudeT 5 years ago updated by Michael J. Radwin 2 years ago 1

I have added Hebcal 2018-19 to by downloading it directly. I have not created an additional calendar, so everything is in Unfortunately, it seems that have made that twice and my default Calendar has all duplicate events. How can I restore my calendar?

Michael J. Radwin 2 years ago

Hi, thanks for using Hebcal, and we're sorry to hear about those duplicate events.

We don't know of an easy way to bulk-delete many events directly from, but if you have Outlook for Mac or Outlook for Windows attached to your account, you may be able to follow instructions like this to easily remove duplicates:

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Shabbat times enter a and exit are the same

binyaminl 5 days ago updated by Michael J. Radwin 3 days ago 1

I run the hebcal on Google pixel4 graphineos for some strange raison the time of entre and exit of Sabbath are the same. Any idea why?