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No Shabbat Candle Times

suzydickstein 5 months ago 0

For some reason my Shabbat lighting times seemed to have vanished. Figured out it was the 2020 thing. Subscribed, but it still isn't showing. Any suggestions to get it to work?


Candle lightning time is not updated.

Zeev 5 months ago updated by Cassandra D. Everhart 5 months ago 1


it seems that it doesn’t matter what I put in the value for “time before sunset), the app always shows same time of candle lightning

And it is not the right one, in Jerusalem this shabat it should be 16:12 and not 16:07

please advice 


no show on birthdays!

Geral 6 months ago updated by James Briggs 3 months ago 3

I recently, eagerly, added Hebrew birthdays to family members on my iPhone but some of them are showing up on the incorrect hebrew date or not showing up at all. It should be noted that the birthdays that were added in the past do not have this issue. How can I remedy this? Might it have something to do with a recent IOS update?


The holiday days seem to be going into the next day as if that next day is also holiday.

Saul 8 months ago updated by anonymous 8 months ago 1

The holiday days seem to be going into the next day as if that next day is also holiday.

This does not happen for candle lighting or havdalah.

1 Example ,The duration on outlook seems to be preset to 2 days. the event times goes from 10/9/2019 12:00am and ends 10/10/2109 12:00am . I would need to open the specific event "uncheck all day event" to correct this.


Is there a way to download future calendars for iOS? I can’t download beyond the current year

Yehuda 10 months ago updated by anonymous 9 months ago 1

Tish'a B'Av 5779 seems to be on 20190810

inqhc 10 months ago updated by anonymous 10 months ago 2

Per the Date Converter, Tish'a B'Av 5779 seems to be on 20190810, and not 20190811, as indicated on at the Holiday pages, Will someone please investigate and fix if applicable?

Under review

Google Calendar is not accepting the G-Cal URL or iCal URL

Evan 1 year ago updated by Concrete Contractors Columbia 5 months ago 5

Im trying to add the Hebcal URL but google is not accepting it or adding a new calendar. Did google change something?

Thank You!

Under review

Hi, How can i download to Palm OS? yes im still using PALM

Aaron 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 2
Michael J. Radwin 1 year ago

Hi, sorry about that, we have removed Palm support from Hebcal. PalmOS devices were discontinued in 2011 and it's time for us to discontinue our support as well.


Hebrew Date Converter REST API request limits...

loleson 2 years ago 0


Does anyone know where I can find information regarding limits on requests - for example how many requests can be made per minute, hour, day?