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Download of leining spreadsheets requests authentication

Yeke 1 month ago 0

When I attempt to download one of the leining spreadsheets found here I am prompted for credentials but only if I just want to open it and not save it. If I choose save, I'm not prompted. I'm using IE 11 on Win 7. Doesn't happen with Chrome or Firefox because they make you save the file first then open it.


# of psukim per aliyah in triennial calendar 98% incomplete

Yeke 1 month ago • updated 1 month ago 1

I pulled up triennial-5777-5780.csv and almost no info is in the column that shows how many psukim there are in each aliyah.

Shabbat Shalom


When clicking on Israeli parashot, it takes you to Diaspora parashot

Shawn Ruby 1 month ago 0

I created a calendar with Israeli parashot.  When I clicked on Parashat Shmini 2018 (day after Pesach in Israel as shown on calendar , week after Pesach in Diaspora) it showed the diaspora shmini with the Machar Chodesh haftara, which is incorrect in Israel.


Jubilee years

Smitty Fan 1 month ago • updated 4 weeks ago 3

export yahrtzeit to google calendar

Ariel Rubinstein 2 months ago 0


how to make a recurrent event based in the hebrew luach on google calendar?


all hebcal dates not displaying when combined with other Outlook calendars

MikeD 3 months ago 0

Hebcal dates all show when viewed by itself, but when combined with other calendars in Outlook some dates are missing. For example, only the weekend dates show for Passover 2018 in March, none of the weekday dates. When I look at the Hebcal calendar by itself they are all there.


Please suggest a way to maintain the month vs daily

oliveallon 3 months ago 0

Candleighting times not displaying

Joel A - Atlanta 3 months ago 0

Thanks for doing this!

Candleighting times not displaying....looks like I arranged the download page to properly to set it up

Mac High Sierra 

OS X 10.13.2

How to do I delete multiepleprevious attempts, and install one that works?


How can I save the calendar to make personal dates for distribution to congregants?

Belinda 4 months ago 0

We used to be able to save the calendar with the appropriate dates, make some edits, and add some independent events. Then save this in a different format. We cannot do this now.