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Shabbat times enter a and exit are the same

binyaminl 1 year ago updated by Michael J. Radwin 1 year ago 1

I run the hebcal on Google pixel4 graphineos for some strange raison the time of entre and exit of Sabbath are the same. Any idea why?

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Hi, thanks for using Hebcal, and thanks for your message.

We're not quite sure what you mean the "entre and exit of Sabbath are the same".

If you use the Hebcal iCalendar feeds and you specify a location for candle-lighting times, you will see an event called "Candle lighting" on Friday night to indicate the beginning of Shabbat and an event called "Havdalah" on Saturday night to indicate the conclusion of Shabbat. These events are typically approximately 25 hours apart, so they are not at the same time. 

You may notice that the aforementioned "Candle lighting" and "Havdalah" calendar events have 0-minute duration. For example, if the start time is at 17:49pm the the end time of that event is also at 17:49pm. Unlike a calendar appointment which might have a 30- or 60-minute duration (which would indicate a range of times), these events deliberately have a 0-minute duration to indicate a moment in time. They are designed to serve as a reminder.

Does this answer your question?