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Have you tried these instructions?

Did you accidentally merge Hebcal events into your main calendar? Try these instructions:

You will find lots of other articles on how to remove Hebcal events from various different apps and mobile devices here.

Can Galaxy S7 use Google Calendar?

Android calendar Jewish holidays download

We’re pleased to offer Jewish holiday downloads for many Android devices through a two step process that sends Hebcal data first to Google Calendar, and then to your Android phone or tablet.

Note that Hebcal is not an app for Android (in the Google Play sense of apps that you install). Rather, Hebcal is a website that allows you to download/export calendar data to the calendar application that comes natively with your device.

1. Follow our Google Calendar Jewish holidays download instructions.

2. Go back to your Android device and enable synchronization to Google Calendar. Follow Google’s Sync Calendar with a phone or tablet instructions.

Thanks for your message. Hebcal uses the same schema as - both are derived from a 1998 implementation in Lisp by Bob Newell!topic/comp.emacs/Gr-rijg2kgM

The Wikipedia article on קדשים‎‎ describes Maimonides' ordering of the tractates which disagrees with our version.

In particular, Maimonides places Kinnim last (and we place it between Meilah and Tamid).

If you’d like to include candle-lighting times for Shabbat and holidays, be sure to adjust the urlparameter to include c=on and one of the location fields (such as geonameid=3448439 for São Paulo, Brazil).

You may need to consult the documentation on how to use non-English names for the days of the week.

No, sorry, we don't offer that feature.

use &lg=h instead of &lg=s in the Hebcal URL for Hebrew. You may need to consult the documentation on RTL support on their end.