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How can I remove Hebcal from calendar if it was downloaded directly instead of subscribed?

toastislove 3 months ago 0

I downloaded Hebcal to my google calendar instead of subscribing. It is now integrated into my main calendar and I can't get rid of it. I would like the dates, but I want to be able to turn them on and off ... right now all I can see is the Hebcal dates and I can't see any of my own appointments. It is a real problem.


Remove hebcal calendar events from

ClaudeT 3 months ago 0

I have added Hebcal 2018-19 to by downloading it directly. I have not created an additional calendar, so everything is in Unfortunately, it seems that have made that twice and my default Calendar has all duplicate events. How can I restore my calendar?


Hebcal has destroyed my gmail calendar. There is no way to remove it.

toastislove 4 months ago • updated 3 months ago 1

I want to remove your calendar from Google Calendar. However, it does not appear under Calendar Settings. There is nothing I can unsubscribe to. What can I do? this is a huge problem, I cannot see any of my actual calendar events because Hebcal uses top two lines. Third request on this issue, and I see others have posted and there has been no answer.


Yom Tov support for Google Calendar

Saar 4 months ago • updated 4 months ago 3

Would be really cool to add support for identifying which day is Yom Tov and work should be avoided and which day is a normal holiday where work is permitted.

When exporting the calendar to Google Calendar, it shows all the dates as a single color with the same description

Possible ways to improve: 

1. Change color of yom tov holiday something different than default color


2. Add a note to the yom tov holidays stating that it is a yom tov.

For example, Pesach is coming up and all the days are the same on my calendar. Would be nice to have a way to identify that the first two days and last two days are different


fasts schedules time

michel 5 months ago 0

Is it possible to get in the calendar and in the json file the beginning and end times for the fasts (Purim, First borns,.17 tamuz, 9 Av, Guedalia,10 tebeth)?

thank you for advices 

best regards

Michel Rottenberg


Hanukkah Saturday night doesn't show Havdalah.

Azzie Katz 8 months ago • updated by glenm201 7 months ago 3

Yes, I saw the post (linked below) as "not a bug", but this is an issue, because APIs can look for "Candle lighting" and "Havdalah" (for Shabbat) to do things such as enable and disable devices, and because it isn't listed, those actions will not occur.

Please fix this and display a duplicate time for Havdalah and Candles for that one night a year.


Yom HaAliyah, Israel's newest holiday. The 10th of Nisan

Alana Rubin 2 years ago 0

Shalom Michael,

I would like to call your attention to a missing Israeli national holiday in your Hebcal holiday list. Specifically I am referring to Yom HaAliyah. It is Israel's newest national holiday.

Yom HaAliyah should be listed in HebCal on the10th of the Hebrew month of Nisan. The 10th of Nisan is when the Torah says Joshua crossed the Jordan with all of Am Yisrael at Gilgal, and that is the official date of the new Israeli national holiday according to the bill passed by the Knesset on June 21st, 2016.

I don't know if you want to add it also, but the Yom HaAliyah bill mandates that schools in Israel also teach about Aliyah on the 7th of Cheshvan near Lech Lecha because on the official Yom HaAliyah date of the 10th of Nisan, the schools are not in session.

I included "proof" references for you below. Some examples from major news sources on Yom HaAliyah as 10th of Nisan a few days before Pesach here:

MK Micki Zohar in Knesset on the passing of Yom HaAliyah into law:

To copy/paste the Yom HaAliyah bill's first clause "of course its in Hebrew:

מטרתו של חוק זה לקבוע יום ציון שנתי להכרה בחשיבותה של העלייה לארץ ישראל כבסיס לקיומה של מדינת ישראל, להתפתחותה ולעיצובה כחברה רב תרבותית, ולציון מועד הכניסה לארץ ישראל שאירע ביום י' בניסן

Thank you for adding this. It is crucial as many public calendars use and trust your website when setting their dates.



Remove from Google Calendar

Maurice “Rodney” Baymon 2 years ago 0

I want to remove your calendar from Google Calendar. However, it does not appear under Calendar Settings. What can I do?


How to add more lines to input dates on a Yahrzeit, Birthday List

Yossi Dworcan 3 years ago • updated by HPB 6 days ago 3

I would like to input more than 6 dates into a personalized birthday/yahrzeit calendar. Is there a way of adding more than 6 and if so please guide me on how to.