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Haftarah Ki Teitzei incorrect when Re'eh is Shabbat Rosh Chodesh

Avraham Eisen 3 years ago updated by Raya Even David 2 years ago 1

The website is showing the incorrect Haftarah for Ki Teitzei when Parshat Re'eh is Shabbat Rosh Chodesh.  If the website is going to say that the Haftarah for Shabbat Rosh Chodesh is read for Parshat Re'eh, then the Haftarah for Ki Teitzei should show that it's Isaiah 54:1 - 55:5.

I know there are a few different traditions for when this happens, but there's no such tradition where the Haftarah for Shabbat Rosh Chodesh is read for Parshat Re'eh, and the Haftarah for Parshat Ki Teitzei remains unchanged (54:01 - 54:10), as the website currently displays.


How do I renew this? It stops at 2019!!!

rorsiba 6 months ago updated by Jom Mendoza 1 week ago 3

No Havdalah event on 12/28/2019

Daniel Segall 7 months ago updated by glenm201 7 months ago 4
Under review

BC converter no longer works - even with the 10day accuracy warning - how can we use an older version of the website?!

irish 8 months ago updated by Rianne Knox 1 month ago 4

what good reason could you possibly have to break your own converter? your BC Hebrew/Gregorian converter no longer works - even with your CYA "10day accuracy" warning - how can we get it back or use an older version of the website?!

Michael J. Radwin 2 months ago

Hi, thanks for using Hebcal.

Our online Hebrew and Gregorian date converter at only supports Gregorian years 1-9999. We do not offer date conversion tools for before the Common Era.


Outlook 2016 - Days Cross Over

Neil M 2 years ago 0

Downloaded ICS for Outlook 2016 for Israel. However, it shows each day as staddling two days e.g. 1 AV will start on one english day and carry onto the next. I think its because its picking up each "event" as starting at 1am and finishing at 1am.


Creating recurring events using a Hebrew date

Ari Witkin 2 years ago updated by Pinchas Landis 1 year ago 1

Is it possible to create a recurring event on a google calendar that has been synched with Hebcal that is based on the Hebrew date but will match us with the english date in future years? For example, if I wanted to input an annual event on the 9th of Iyar would that be feasible? 


Yom Tov support for Google Calendar

Saar 2 years ago updated by dstat 1 year ago 4

Would be really cool to add support for identifying which day is Yom Tov and work should be avoided and which day is a normal holiday where work is permitted.

When exporting the calendar to Google Calendar, it shows all the dates as a single color with the same description

Possible ways to improve: 

1. Change color of yom tov holiday something different than default color


2. Add a note to the yom tov holidays stating that it is a yom tov.

For example, Pesach is coming up and all the days are the same on my calendar. Would be nice to have a way to identify that the first two days and last two days are different


Starting from April 2020 events span 2 days on my Outlook

David Lapin 4 months ago 0

Starting from April 2020 events like Hebrew date, daf yomi etc, span 2 days on my Outlook on my desktop and mobile (but not on the online version). Seems the events are 24 hours instead of all day for a single day. Any advice how to correct? 


What about the 4 blood moons 2014-2015 as an event feature to be added

jubilees6969 6 months ago updated by Cassandra D. Everhart 5 months ago 1

How about  adding

the 4 blood moons of 2014-2015  being the final jubilee year event,to your customizactions


Shabbos later this year prior to the first day of Chanukah

risa mandell 7 months ago updated by jennylee 2 months ago 0

thanks for Hebcal.  Shabbos this past Friday, December 20 began in Philadelphia, PA USA at 4:19; that’s two minutes later than the previous Shabbos.  Usually, Shabbos doesn’t start to get later until the following one or two Sabbaths following Chanukah.  What’s going on?