Yom Tov support for Google Calendar

Saar 5 years ago updated by dstat 4 years ago 4

Would be really cool to add support for identifying which day is Yom Tov and work should be avoided and which day is a normal holiday where work is permitted.

When exporting the calendar to Google Calendar, it shows all the dates as a single color with the same description

Possible ways to improve: 

1. Change color of yom tov holiday something different than default color


2. Add a note to the yom tov holidays stating that it is a yom tov.

For example, Pesach is coming up and all the days are the same on my calendar. Would be nice to have a way to identify that the first two days and last two days are different

I'm looking for something similar - I would like to export an Outlook calendar for a non-Jewish administrative assistant who does scheduling for her Jewish boss and who needs to know what holidays he will not be coming to work.

On the "Holidays" page, it specifies "Dates in bold are yom tov, so they have similar obligations and restrictions to Shabbat in the sense that normal "work" is forbidden."  I would like an option in "Customize your calendar" to specify only these yom tov dates where work is forbidden.  Just selecting "Major Holidays" still ends up displaying days where work is permitted like Erev yom tov, Purim, Chol Hamoed, Chanukah, etc.

I would also like the option for event titles to be in English (e.g., Passover instead of Pesach).

Hi Yeke,

That's a cool feature that I did not know about before.

I was hoping for something similar but in reverse. On Pesach, with your method it is easy to tell Yom Tov, because it's days that do not have CH"M on them.

For other holidays, it's hard to tell from a single glance if it is a Yom Tov holiday or not.

For example, single days such as Yom Kippur, Purim, Simchat Torah, or Tisha B"av, it's hard to tell the difference between which of these holidays are special Yom Tov, and which are not. 

I know it may seem obvious to most people, but sometimes it's hard to remember, which forces me to go to https://www.hebcal.com/holidays/ to check which days are bolded.

Shabbat Shalom to you as well. I love this service

Also, each day of Pesach is designated with a roman numeral so you know which day it is (Pesach I, Pesach II, Pesach III, etc) as opposed to all the days simply showing as "Pesach"

Shabbat Shalom

The days of the holiday in which it's permissible to work are already delineated as CH"M Chol HaMoed as in Pesach III (CH"M)