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My understanding is that the Torah is read every Monday and Thursday of the year unless it falls on a holiday - in which case a special holiday reading is held. But there is no holiday this week. So are there weekday readings or not?

Got it. But again, is there a weekday reading today (Monday) or on Thursday? If so what is it?

I don't see anything for this week in the weekday CSV either. It jumps from April 7 to April 25.

Are there no weekday readings this week (Monday April 11) and (Thursday April 14)

07-Apr-2022,"Metzora",1,"Leviticus 14:1 - 14:5",5
07-Apr-2022,"Metzora",2,"Leviticus 14:6 - 14:9",4
07-Apr-2022,"Metzora",3,"Leviticus 14:10 - 14:12",3

25-Apr-2022,"Achrei Mot",1,"Leviticus 16:1 - 16:1",1
25-Apr-2022,"Achrei Mot",2,"Leviticus 16:7 - 16:11",5
25-Apr-2022,"Achrei Mot",3,"Leviticus 16:12 - 16:17",6


I honestly don't understand why a such a complicated API is necessary when a simple CSV would do.

Seems like overkill to me - but my understanding is limited.

Thanks for the clarification, Michael.

I now understand that my needs as a software developer may not be answered by this website.

Would you know where I can find a JSON or CSV file that lists every single Torah/Haftorah reading by date broken down by aliyahs and their respective spans? These would include Monday and Thursday mornings, Shabbat morning, Shabbat afternoon, Rosh Chodesh, Shabbat Rosh Chodesh, festivals - with all the conflicts between the various readings resolved according to rabbinic rule.

Thanks for clarifying!

I was looking at the Chabad calendar:

I now realize that the Rosh Chodesh that is shown begin's during the previous day's sunset. That was my mistake. Thank you!

Hi again!

I've noticed that Shabbat Mincha afternoon Torah service is missing from the new CSV files.

Could you kindly reopen this ticket and add the Shabbat afternoon portions to the 'weekday-diaspora' and 'weekday-il' CSV's? You may also wish to rename the CSV as the Shabbat afternoon service is NOT a weekday. I personally feel that all the readings should live in the same CSV file - but that's just me.



I require the CSV for weekday Torah readings for my Torah cantillation program. I need it for the calendar of Torah readings.