Torah readings for Monday's and Thursday's?

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I am posting the same question that was posted by another user four years ago:


Where can I find the Torah reading Aliyah spans for Monday's and Thursday's? Currently, I am following the aliyah's as they are shown in the back of the ArtScroll siddur. I have noticed that the first three aliyah's on Monday/Thursday rarely coincide with the first three aliyah's that are recited on the following Shabbat. So they MUST be defined explicitly.

So where can I find the first three aliyah spans for Monday's and Thursday's as they are laid out in the Artscroll Sidur?




Hi, we have added weekday Torah readings to our parsha pages:

Mo'adim L'Simcha!

Hi again!

I've noticed that Shabbat Mincha afternoon Torah service is missing from the new CSV files.

Could you kindly reopen this ticket and add the Shabbat afternoon portions to the 'weekday-diaspora' and 'weekday-il' CSV's? You may also wish to rename the CSV as the Shabbat afternoon service is NOT a weekday. I personally feel that all the readings should live in the same CSV file - but that's just me.



This is amazing, thank you!


Thanks for the feedback. We've added CSV downloads for weekday to our website


You'll want to use these CSV files in conjunction with the existing Full Kriyah or Triennial spreadsheets. These new files include readings only for regular (non-holiday) Mondays and Thursdays.

I require the CSV for weekday Torah readings for my Torah cantillation program. I need it for the calendar of Torah readings.

Thanks for the feedback. We'll consider the idea of updating CSV files. We haven't seen much demand for weekday Torah readings, and adding them to the CSV files adds size and extra detail that many leyning coordinators don't want or need.

We might instead consider creating separate CSV files for Monday & Thursday (e.g. non-Shabbat, non-Holiday).

Hi Michael,

This is great!

Unfortunately, this task must be "re-opened" because the CSV sheets have not been updated with the weekday readings.

Please update the CSV files with the weekday readings.

Please update these CSV files:

* https://www.hebcal.com/sedrot/fullkriyah-5782.csv

* https://www.hebcal.com/sedrot/fullkriyah-il-5782.csv

* for all the years

* Do Triennial congregations do Saturday afternoon, Monday and Thursday Torah readings?

And on that note also to update the sedrot:

* https://www.hebcal.com/sedrot/5782

* https://www.hebcal.com/sedrot/5782?i=on

* https://www.hebcal.com/sedrot/5783

* https://www.hebcal.com/sedrot/5783?i=on

Great stuff!



Hi, we have added weekday Torah readings to our parsha pages:

Mo'adim L'Simcha!


Hi, thanks for using Hebcal and thanks for your question. You are correct that Hebcal.com does not currently provide the Torah reading breakdown for the 3 weekday aliyot. This would be an excellent enhancement to the Hebcal website and we will add it to the TODO list. We will keep this ticket open until the feature is live on the website.