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Default "Holiday Schedule"

adam 9 months ago 0

Would it be possible to read locale,tz information from my request and default to "Israel holiday schedule" instead of defaulting to "Diaspora holiday schedule"? Currently when I click Get Calendar it always uses "Diaspora" and then I need to change it.

Alternatively, please just default to Israel since it is now the world's largest Jewish Community.



Labels for events

Frank Goldsmith 9 months ago 0
When I subscibe to Hebcal, the times for Shabbat candle-lighting and Havdalah are shown as "busy." On a different subscription account, the names are correctly stated. How can I change the "busy" to the correct names for the events?


I would like to add another city

sdrummer718 9 months ago 0

How do you pronounce "hebcal?" Is it h-e-b-c-al or h-e-e-b-c-a-l?

jedhead101 9 months ago • updated by Michael J. Radwin 9 months ago 1

How do you pronounce the website name? It is very important to me and I need an answer please. Thank you.

Michael J. Radwin 9 months ago

Hebcal is pronounced HEEB-kal, as in Hebrew calendar).

Under review

Could you d flash briefing with the next candle lighting times (holiday or Shabat)

Dan Benitah 9 months ago • updated by Michael J. Radwin 9 months ago 2

When asking for the flash briefing, would be great to get the next candle lighting