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Formulation of Omer Count in the subject line of each day of the omer

bernsteinstj 5 months ago 0

It would be great if--when one downloads the *.ics or *.csv for the omer days--the file would include the formulation of the omer count (i.e., היום חמשה עשר יום, שהם שני שבועות ויום אחד, לעומר.) in the Subject field.


Problem with candle-lighting and havdalah times in Jerusalem, Israel

Avraham Grossbaum 5 months ago 0

You seem to be using a different sunset time for Jerusalem, Israel, than is commonly used here. 

I assume the difference is between observed sunset and astronomical sunset. 

1.  Can you make this an option in the future?  

2.  I tried to adjust for this by changing the offsets in minutes for candle-lighting and havdalah.  This works more or less for havdalah.  However, when I change the number of minutes before sunset for candle-lighting, your web-site changes the value back to 40.  Can you disable this annoying feature? 

Thank you. 


Download of Hebrew calendar to Outlook 2010 on Windows 7 for Jerusalem adds an extra hour during daylight savings time

Avraham Grossbaum 5 months ago • updated 5 months ago 1

I downloaded a Hebrew calendar file from you site for Jerusalem, Israel, today. 

On the computer, the candle-lighting and havdalah times are close to correct. 

When I load the file into Outlook, another hour is added to the times during daylight savings time in Israel, such that candle-lighting for 27 Oct 2017 is 18:14 and candle-lighting for 03 Nov 2017 is 16:03!  Similarly, candle-lighting for 16 Mar 2018 is 17:07 and candle-lighting for 23 Mar 2018 is 19:12!  

How can this problem be solved? 


Meaning of "Sigd"

Leah 7 months ago • updated by דפנה ואיתי ולנר 6 months ago 1

What does "Sigd" mean? It's on November 18, 2017  29th of Cheshvan, 5778 Parshas Toldos 


how to change cities for candle lighting times

sheryl.spadone 7 months ago 0

I've moved and want to change the location on the calendar for Shabbat times.


April 2018 Contradiction

Frank 7 months ago 0

Hi, There seems to be a contradiction in the Calendar for 2018.  In the Calendar View for 7th April 2018, it shows the Torah Portion is Shmini, but when I click on it for more details, it says Shmini is read on 14th April.  I get the same for the 14th when clicking on Tazria-Metzora, it says it is read on 21st April.  I am looking for the Israel readings and believe this is something to do with the difference between Diaspora and Israel reading schedule.

Could you please clarify?

Many thanks!


Hebrew date scripts to Facebook & Blogspot pages?

ploni 7 months ago 0

Is it possible to add your Hebrew date (Hebrew & transliterated English) scripts to my Facebook page? To my page? Thanks.


Torah Reading Aliyot Link to a Tikkun

lahdeedah 8 months ago 0

There's a new online Tikkun at As a ba'al koreh it would be extremely helpful if your links for the individual aliyot could link to the aliyot at