Your comments

I looked at your weekday breakouts again and realized that they are for the same parashah.  But on Shabbat afternoon, a few hours after the morning Torah reading for Chayei Sarah, you do not read Chayei Sarah again.  You read the Monday / Thursday readings for the next parashah, Toldot.  A novice reader might not realize this and prepare the wrong Torah reading for Shabbat afternoon. 

I suggest that you indicate that those three aliyot listed are for the Shabbat afternoon the week before.   Or, it might be more clear to list on the Chayei Sarah webpage the weekday three aliyot breakdown for Toldot, clearly stating that this is what you read in the afternoon after reading Chayei Sarah in the morning.

Also, it’s important to note that the Monday and Thursday readings listed for e.g. Chayei Sarah are also for the week leading up to Shabbat Chayei Sarah.  

Finally, just to make this even more confusing, my husband pointed out that this week’s Monday and Thursday Torah readings we are reading from Vezot Habrachah, even though next Shabbat the Torah reading will be for the second Shabbat of Sukkot rather than from Vezot Habrachah.  Perhaps you already specify this.

In summary, it is great that you now have the weekday and Shabbat afternoon breakdowns. You just need to specify what dates those are actually for, since the Shabbat morning and afternoon Torah readings come from different parashot, and since you read from the same parashah for the Monday and Thursday before Shabbat rather than for the Monday and Thursday following Shabbat.  You also need to watch out for situations in which the Monday and Thursday Torah readings diverge from the readings on an upcoming Shabbat which falls on a holiday such as Sukkot.