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Brilliant.  I just tested it here on my shul computer (which is a Windows 11 PC, using Excel 2016) and indeed the Hebrew characters showed up like they should.   Yishar Koach, and just made a donation to say thanks!

My mistake - I'm running Windows 10 at home, not Windows 7.  So Windows 10 shows gibberish when opened as a CSV, but again, WordPress had no problem recognizing. it.  BTW - when I opened the file in Excel online (Microsoft 365), it still came out as gibberish.  See the attached screen shot.  The reason I share all this is to let any one know (via the thread) that evening if you see gibberish, if importing to WordPress, it should still work and not to worry!

Thanks for getting back to me.  The reason I use CSV is because the calendar program I use for WordPress (called "The Events Calendar") only allows for CSV file import, unless you pay extra for an additional add-on that allows for imports such as iCalendar, Google calendar, etc.  My computer at home is running on Windows 7, and the version of Excel is 2016.  
However, as an experiment, till I heard back from you, I imported just a weeks worth of data, to see what would happen.  Although in Excel the Hebrew showed up as gibberish (apparently unicode format, after some research), The Events Calendar understood how to interpret the data and it showed up correctly on my the synagogue's calendar!  

Wanted to share this for others as well so they know that if they run into the same issue, not to worry if Excel shows the Hebrew incorrectly.  The site you're important to may understand how to convert the "gibberish" back into Hebrew characters.

Shanah tovah!