Shabbat Shirah is now listed among the "Special Shabbat" holidays on

Hi Elaine, thanks for using Hebcal and thanks for your comment!

Regarding Sigd, it’s included in the Modern Holidays because the State of Israel only formally recognized the holiday in 2008. You are correct that it could be alternately listed as a “Minor” holiday, but we’re comfortable with the current categorization.

Shabbat Shirah is a bit of an oversight. It’s not listed among the special Shabbatot because it’s always on Parashat Beshalach, and so in theory it doesn’t need any special calendar reminder beyond the built-in Parashat HaShavuah feature.

Across the other 8 special Shabbatot currently included on calendars, all but two of them are variable w.r.t. which parsha they can co-occur with:

1. Shekalim (Mishpatim, Vayakhel, Pekudei)

2. Zachor (Tetzaveh, Vayikra, Tzav, Terumah)

3. Parah (Ki Tisa, Shmini, Vayakhel-Pekudei, Tzav, Vayakhel)

4. HaChodesh (Vayakhel-Pekudei, Shmini, Tazria, Pekudei)

5. HaGadol (Tzav, Metzora, Achrei Mot)

6. Nachamu (Vaetchanan)

7. Chazon (Devarim)

8. Shuva (Ha’Azinu, Vayeilech)

9. Shirah (Beshalach)

Given that Shabbat Nachamu and Shabbat Chazon are always tied to a single parsha and we have precedence for including them, I do think we could justify including Shabbat Shirah as well.