Hebrew Date Converter REST API

wjosephloeb 3 years ago updated by anonymous 3 years ago 7

Where can I find detailed instructions for using the 

Hebrew Date Converter REST API

with Excel?



Ok so It seems that you will need to write a script to integrate with the hebcal rest API. 

It would be a bit out of the scope of this thread to try and  explain how to integrate with rest API's with no development skills. 

I recommend you seek a developer to do this job for you. 

My; chart has a series of English dates. I would like to feed  the English date and retrieve the corresponding Hebrew date.I need detailed guidance for this as I  do not have developer training with Excel.  

Sun 7/28 13 Sivan
Mon 7/29 14 Sivan
Tue 7/30 15 Sivan
Wed 7/31 16 Sivan

I would like to determine the date in Column C from B. 

My Excel chart has a series of dates that I would like to convert to their Hebrew counterpart. I would like detailed step by step guidance as to how to accomplish that goal. Thanks. 

This is the REST API resource: 


What do you mean by "with Excel" ?