Cleaning up calendar downloads - Apple devices

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A few years ago, in an easy download, I subscribed to Hebcal's Jewish calendar for my apple devices (MacBook pro, iPad, iPhone, all synced). It seemed to roll over from year to year. However recently I noticed, looking ahead to next year, that my Jewish calendar entries (holidays as well as Torah portions) abruptly ended. I went back onto Hebcal to download again, and now somehow I have multiple versions for certain dates, each represented in a different color as a different "calendar" within Apple (one called Jewish Holidays+my location, and two simply called Jewish Holidays). I want to clean this up without losing PAST Jewish holidays. Any suggestions?  Also, am I correct that there's no way to contact Hebcal directly about this?

I am having the same problem.  I am trying to download the Hebrew calendar starting in 5780, but it keeps duplicating all the entries for 5779 no matter what Hebrew year I enter for it to start / end.  Any suggestions?

The only workaround I found was to uncheck the old calendar, but then it deletes previous years' entries.

Hello. I stumbled on the same workaround you did, Ronit. I actually deleted (unsubscribed from) the old calendar and no longer have duplicates. I would have preferred not to lose previous years' entries but I realized that if I really needed to look up past years' Jewish calendar dates this is easily-available public information so I gave up on having the info in my calendar. (And I discovered that the US Holiday calendar includes some of the big-deal Jewish holidays like Rosh Hashanah,  so some of the info is still available on the calendar for past years.)

Does anyone from Hebcal respond to these questions? I would think there would be a more satisfactory solution. I think that if it were easier to configure the years associated with each calendar, this would solve the problem. Hebcal lets you specify which Jewish years a calendar is for - however, I found that I still ended up with overlapping results.