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multiple copies of Hebcal in my iCal on my Mac

kadonoff 1 year ago updated by Michael J. Radwin 1 year ago 1

On my iMac calendar I had 58 copies of Hebcal, deleted them one by one. Now I have 70 copies of Hebcal in my calendar and my calendar is frozen. On the phone with Apple for 2 hours. Nothing worked.

If anybody has this issue, I would appreciate hearing about a solutions.

Under review

Hi, thanks for using Hebcal. and we're so sorry to hear about those problems with your iMac calendar app.

We're not aware of the cause of the problem, and unfortunately if Apple support couldn't help you for 2 hours it sounds like a very difficult problem.

One idea we might try if we were in a similar situation would be to create an entirely new macOS user on the same computer and see if you have the same problem. Apple posts some instructions here:


Then, if you find that the new user can use the calendar without duplicate copies, you could copy over your other personal documents, pictures, etc and delete the problematic macOS user account.