Can the link to the Aliyot text (Sefaria or tikkun.io) display *only* the verses for that aliyot reading?

Bonnie 1 year ago updated by Michael J. Radwin 1 year ago 3

While it is great to have the links from HebCal directly to the chapter:verse where the aliyot begin, it would be even more amazing if it displayed ONLY the text for that specific aliyot. This would be extremely helpful for our lay readers to be able to download/print just the text they need for their reading.

Thanks Michael. I do not see a sidebar menu to the right of the text...?


Hi Bonnie, thanks for the feedback.

The Sefaria link format actually does support both start and end verses. So, for example the 5th aliyah of Bereshit is Genesis 4:19-22 and you'll see that this link is formatted as follows:


If you want to print this from Sefaria, just highlight the verses and add them to a new Source Sheet. Then they will print very easily.