Alexa Hebcal Havdalah

Edward D 2 years ago updated by Michael J. Radwin 1 year ago 1

When I ask for candle lighting times, it only gives Shabbos start.  It doesn't give Havdalah time.  I realize it's not on the list, but if it could be added, please.  (while I'm at it, if I ask candle lighting time erev Yom Tov, it also assumes Shabbos, even though she knows to say Chag Sameach!)


Hi, thanks for using Hebcal on Alexa and thanks for the feedback!

The candle-lighting defaulting to Shabbos is a bug, and Havdalah is a feature that we never implemented. Both are excellent things to work on. We'll leave this ticket open and update when we get around to deploying a new Alexa skill that addresses these items.

Mo'adim L'Simcha!