Asara b'Tevet fast start times are incorrect (in some cases showing up as after the end of the fast)

Josh Greenfield 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 2

When I download or subscribe to the calendar for 2020, I see on January 7th, the fast ends at 5:20 pm (NY time) and the fast starts at 5:52 pm. Similarly, for December 25th, I see Fast begins at 5:50 pm and no fast starting time.  I see this whether I subscribe to an iPhone calendar, or via Google Calendar, or by downloading .ics (you can see this: SUMMARY:Fast begins
DTSTART;TZID=America/New_York:20201225T175000).  The .csv download seems to be correct, however.

Thank you!  Looks like the fix is already showing up in my Google Calendar and in the iPhone's native calendar app.  Much appreciated for the quick turnaround.


Thanks for using Hebcal, and thanks so much for this bug report!

We have confirmed the issue and have developed and deployed a fix:


The .ics feeds are updated as of Sunday evening on hebcal.com, but take as long as 7 days to refresh with applications that consume them (e.g. Google Calendar, Apple, Outlook, etc). Please check back next week if you still don't see corrected results.