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borux 2 years ago updated by Michael J. Radwin 2 years ago 6

i would like to implement your api and i am working with it for a week and i found 2 bugs on this call

1. the word "Tishrei" is not translated in russian
2. There is no Torah reading on 6 day of Sukkot

thats a shame is this api alpha? if not, so thats to much bugs for one week using :(


Thanks! We've published this change on the website now.

Bemidbar 29:29-29:37

Thanks! We have added the Tishrei translation to the website already.

We have Torah readings for Chanukah and Pesach already, for both Israel and Diaspora. We also have all of Sukkot Torah reading for Diaspora, and Sukkot days 1-5 for Israel. It's only 6th day Sukkot Torah Reading in Israel that we are missing.

well, Tishrey is "Тишрей"

... all the Torah readings for Chanukah, Sukkot, Pessach is not so simple,
1. there are differences for Israel and abroad
2. there are differences if shabbat interrupts

so there are few possibilities inside 28 years cycle,

so i will do tables for all 3 for Israel and abroad = 6

and the shabat (also there is sunday) intorruption i will code
all i need i have in my kol pe siddur,
so if i succeed, i will write here...

if you see a better way to do this, tell me please

Under review

Thanks for the feedback, and thanks for using Hebcal. 

Can you provide a Russian transliteration for the word Tishrei? We would appreciate that and other users would benefit.

Also, do you have a source for 6th day Sukkot Torah Reading? It is missing from our API because we do not yet have a definitive source.