thank you for your reply....I did check the ACT! calendar - and those time zones are accurate.   I was wondering about the settings in hebcal GMT zones - I noticed Chicago is listed in Zone 5 - but it really is in Zone 6---could that have anything to do with this??

I have not left home in months - so my time zones are steady- and when I did the download of the calendar - it did not ask for a time zone...

would you be willing to revisit my request given this information?

thank you!


Thanks for using Hebcal, and we're so sorry to hear about this inconvenience!

Problems like this are usually caused by an incorrect timezone setting. Sometimes this is caused by downloading/subscribing to Hebcal in one timezone, then moving to a new location. If that is the case, simply removing/unsubscribing from Hebcal and then re-download/re-subscribe should fix the problem.

Hebcal event feeds are set to the correct timezone for a given location (for example, candle lighting times for Boston appear in the "America/New_York" calendar). If you didn't specify any location for candle-lighting times, Hebcal events are always set for "All day untimed" events.

We would recommend that you contact ACT! Calendar support for any further help with setting your ACT! Calendar calendar to the correct timezone for your location.