daf yomi

Steven Zalesch 7 years ago updated by Michael J. Radwin 2 years ago 2

Daf Yomi in October 2019 has a problem. It jumps from Meilah 22 on Oct 9 to Kinnim 23 on Oct 10 and from Kinnim 25 on Oct 12 to Tamid 26 on Oct 13. Actually, I think that Nida comes after Meila.

Under review

Thanks for your message. Hebcal uses the same schema as http://www.kosherjava.com/ - both are derived from a 1998 implementation in Lisp by Bob Newell


The Wikipedia article on קדשים‎‎ describes Maimonides' ordering of the tractates which disagrees with our version.


In particular, Maimonides places Kinnim last (and we place it between Meilah and Tamid).