Hello, can the auto generated Shabbos-Candle-Lighting-times emails have important notices in the SUBJECT LINE? Example, Parshas Zachor reminder in the SUBJECT line, same for parshas with the Ten Commandments

judys 3 years ago 0

Busy women who get the auto-generated weekly Shabbos Candle Lighting times emailed, only go so far as read the subject line that has the candle lighting time. They don't bother to open the email and read the body of the email because they are too busy, and are only concerned with the candle lighting time, which they can get from the Subject Line. 

Therefore, it would be very helpful to have important notices added to the SUBJECT LINE of the email that women need to see, for example when it is Parshas Zachor, and Parshas that the Ten Commandments are read, or when an Eruv Tavshilin is needed. 

I missed Parshsas Zachor, but wouldn't have if the SUBJECT LINE of the email included that information.