How do I change the candle lighting time for Hong Kong and....

scoop 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 1
1. I would like to delete the title which is large and not needed since the times are already correct for Havdalah/Shabbat Ends
2. Change Havdalah to be "Shabbat Ends" 
3. And most importantly change the candle lighting time - it is off by 4 minutes from what we use on our printed community Calendar and website
4. If I want changes in what is shown in the script below do i just remove pieces of the code like geo=geoname to kill the title "Shabbat times for Hong Kong, Central and Western, Hong Kong"- what is cfg?. Tried removing geo=geoname - leaving the geonameid - did not remove the title for me.

<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8"

5. Am not good with code do not think I will be able to follow the linked suggestions you have had for others - What i really need is your app (if you have one) for outside of the US.

Help - Thank you!!!

MY #3 above was incorrect - only off by one minute we have 6:07 - you auto filled in 6:08pm = found your AP! list will try to play with it further - but help is still needed - tried altering my script above - nothing works...