When did the world begin? How do you know?

Inquiring Mind 7 years ago updated by Liora Cohen 7 years ago 1

Hello, I would like to

know how the Hebrews came up with the year 5776?

How do you figure that exact year?

Did Adam or Eve leave a message as to what year the beginning started?

How do you know? I am not really being funny. I just want an explanation of how someone came up with the exact year that the earth began? Through science? Science claims it is millions of years old which we know it isn't. What? Please respond. I am glad to see the 5776, but how do you know it isn't year 5976 or 5986? How did you figure it? please explain. Inquiring minds would like to know. Thanks for a prompt response.


Did you try to look it up on the internet? I just did... here you go