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I would like to include some information on a public website, including the more detailed information on the Holidays. I know I am supposed to cite HebCal, but when it comes to exceptions, I am not sure if the sources section indicates that those sections are no longer under the same license, which would make me a violator, right? Below is an example of what I would like to use:

Rosh Hashana / ראש השנה

Rosh Hashanah (Hebrew: ראש השנה), (literally "head of the year"), is the Jewish New Year. It is the first of the High Holidays or Yamim Noraim ("Days of Awe"), celebrated ten days before Yom Kippur. Rosh Hashanah is observed on the first two days of Tishrei, the seventh month of the Hebrew calendar. It is described in the Torah as יום תרועה (Yom Teru'ah, a day of sounding [the Shofar]).

Rosh Hashana begins at sundown on Sun, 29 September 2019.

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