As a shut-in, I have no access to a regular Jewish calendar w/Jewish months only and csndlelight8ing times on Shabbat..

Peggy J. Knox 4 years ago updated by stephen girman 4 years ago 1

I have no access to a Jewish calendar, and Hebcal has been wonderful for me know when Yatzits are, but I miss preparing for 'Shabbat, lighting candles on time (i have to have battery ones because I use oxygen).  I use to get one every7 year t my shul but it closed down several years ago, and when I am able and can arrange a ride, m6y synagogue now is 50 miles round trip and can't afford to give out Jewish calendars.  I need one for me to mark Yatzits, special evens at the shul or other events that might be possible if I get a mailing about, and basically know when it's Shabbat, because of being a shut-in, I don['t always know what day I'm on and I don't really know what time to light the candles, which I miss or to know the day before to start preparing for Shabbos whether I am able to go to services or not.  I always had a Jewish calendar next to the other one, and others would know there would be some Shabbos at my house whether fresh baked challah and cholent, and I always would enjoy it.  Can you help?  *I can print it out or download it via Google and then print it out. The gift of being able to go to Hebcal to find out when a Yartzuite is priceless to me as I am the only Jew in my immediate and large extended family and Hebcal allows me to know when to say Kaddish-right now my oldest sister is on her deathbed--and I will know when Hashem takes her, I can go to Hebcal and have the Jewish date.  Thank you.  If I had my own 

Jewish calendar, it would make it easier to prepare and get what I need to do on time.  You've given me so much already, so I hope I'm not out of  line asking for a Jewish calendar with candlelighting times.  Thank you for listening.


Dear Lady, may HE WHO IS Bless you! If you are able to use a web browser to view https://www.hebcal.com you are able to create a printable calendar in pdf format which I think will have all the information you require. If you see my reply to your post, please acknowledge and I will help you with instructions.