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30 November - Commemoration Jewish refugees from Arab countries etc.

Dina Grossman 5 years ago updated by 1Hebcalpassword* 5 years ago 2

"Modern holidays" is missing 30 November, which has been in place since 2014 ... https://mfa.gov.il/MFA/AboutIsrael/Spotlight/Pages/The-Jewish-Refugees-from-Arab-Countries.aspx 

Thanks for your great service.

The king of England issued an edict expelling the Jews on 18 July, 1290 and the Portuguese king did the same on 5 December, 1496 so where exactly does this sort of commemoration stop? You can fill every day of the year with commemorations of Jewish expulsions if you wanted to.

But I agree that you do provide a great service.

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Thank you for this suggestion. We will consider this feature request for a future version of Hebcal.