Need help figuring out a feed using Time.ly

Marcy 4 years ago 0

I've been having trouble with Time.ly's csv feed for a few months. Before this, I had everything I need until the end of 2019.

I was thrilled to see I could use Hebcal as a feed, so I selected everything I wanted on my calendar with a starting date of 2020 and imported it into Time.ly with no problem. However, I now have duplicates for 2018 and 2019, very little for 2020, and everything except major holidays for 2021. 

Any ideas of what I may have done wrong would be helpful. I can no longer get to the csv feeds, so I'd have to delete things one by one if it comes to that - ugh!

The URL is www.ruach.org/calendar. I don't know if this is something you can help with, or if I need to go back to Time.ly.