How to add more lines to input dates on a Yahrzeit, Birthday List

Yossi Dworcan 8 years ago updated by Michael J. Radwin 1 year ago 6

I would like to input more than 6 dates into a personalized birthday/yahrzeit calendar. Is there a way of adding more than 6 and if so please guide me on how to.


Greetings! It's been many years since we discussed this, and we’re pleased to (finally) announce support for Comma Separated Values (CSV) file import in the Hebcal Yahrzeit + Anniversary calendar. You can now create a personal list of Yahrzeit (memorial) and Yizkor dates, Hebrew Birthdays and Anniversaries for 20+ years by importing a CSV file.

Further details are described here:


Thanks for the bug report, and we're so sorry for the inconvenience! The link should work now. We have been upgrading the software on the Hebcal website and we somehow missed this feature.


Michael the link you provided 5 years ago does not work, it looks like there was a change to the website. I would like to create a list with 50 relatives and if possible I would like to upload my list to get their Yahrzeit dates.


I have an existing +/- year-old HebCal calendar. Recently had a new granddaughter. How do I add her birthday to an already existing list (which is 'full')?

That's exactly what I wanted to request. How are we doing on being able to upload a CSV file to the Yahrzeit calculator? Thanks


We hope to release a feature in the future to allow uploading a CSV file to the Yahrzeit calculator. In the meantime you can use this link to enter up to 20 names