How to add a new birthday to an existing HebCal/Google calendar

HPB 5 years ago updated by Michael J. Radwin 2 years ago 1

I have an existing +/- year-old HebCal calendar. Recently had a new granddaughter. How do I add her birthday to an already existing list (which is 'full')?



This article describes how to make changes to a Yahrzeit + Anniversary calendar that you downloaded, exported or subscribed to in a calendar app like Outlook, Google Calendar / Android, or Apple (iOS, iPhone, iPad or Mac).

If you used Hebcal to create your personal calendar after August 2020 and you subscribed using the recommended feed option, you can click on the hebcal.com URL at the bottom of a calendar event. That link will take you back to the Yahrzeit and Anniversary calendar where you can make edits to each person’s name or dates.

If you subscribed before August 2020, you will need to delete or unsubscribe the calendar containing your yahrzeit and anniversary reminders. Hebcal personal event calendars created before this date do not support editing event dates or names. Directions for how to delete/remove a subscribed calendar vary by calendar application.

You may have downloaded yahrzeit/anniversary events and merged them into your regular personal calendar (often called “Home” or “Calendar”). To remove those events, search for the event(s) in your regular calendar and remove/delete them one at a time. These events will always have one of the following titles: “Yahrzeit”, “Hebrew Birthday” or “Hebrew Anniversary”.

Once you have removed the yahrzeit/anniversary calendar events, return to Hebcal.com and re-enter in all of the event details, then download again.