We need to study our biblical etymology.

Bradley Hauf 7 years ago updated by Michael J. Radwin 7 years ago 1

I refute the usage of the word fun. The word is a trasngression. It is the sin of tricks lies and deceits. Fun means stupid. its usage is to denote jesters and joking and kidding which are strictly forbidden by scriptures. We have to repent of our sins of fun. Fun does not mean true joyousness. I forsake fun. I seek Joy. Hope. Shemcka is the Hebrew word for? The word pride also means vanity/avarice. This is forbidden in holy scriptures is it not? If we knew anything about the holy bible we would know that vices are forsaken. Virtues of Chastity (Ahavah) are against all worries. Bless The One True Messiah. Against our stupid false usage of etymology. We really have not studied our language have we? Those that speak Hebrew and those that speak english? Question is "If in Hebrew the word means rah and an english trasnlation states the same, I would suggest we forsake the sin. For if avarice is of the way of death then we are to forsake avarice. Even other translations of the word are not to be used. Why seek fun? Its mindless self indulgence. What are people really seeking after when they seek fun? They do not know because they have not studied their etymology. They have not studied definitions nor others. I still forsake usuary and wonder a decent alternative to the word use. Yahweh seeks intelligence and HE likes intelligent questions with wisdom knowledge and an understanding of fulfillment of His Will. If they are seeking after fun they are seeking after lies tricks and deceits. These ruachs are to be prayed against. Only Ahavah Ruachs of Tav are to be accepted.