Hebcal answers are now available on the Google Assistant

Josh 5 years ago 0

Dear Hebcal,

Thank you for providing such a rich, resourceful website and nodejs library.

I was recently informed that my programming project was just published with the Google Assistant ("Hey Google") on the Google Home. Now, everyone in the world can ask for Shabbat times, davening times, food brachot, Hebrew dates, and more. The name of the app is "Jewish Info". Users can say, for example, "Hey Google, ask Jewish Info when Shabbat starts in Los Angeles, CA" and it responds with candle lighting and havdalah times. It is available on every Android phone and iPhone with the Google Assistant app, and also on every Google Home.

Many of the answers are generated using the Hebcal nodejs library. 

Here are some photos of the app in action:

Is it possible to include a blurb about this on your homepage? It could say something like:

Hebcal is now available on the Google Assistant. Just ask, "Hey Google, talk to Jewish Info."

Kol tuv,