Havdalah Times for "Fridge Calendar"

Oren Lee 6 years ago updated by Michael J. Radwin 3 years ago 2


I think it would be beneficial to also export havdalah times in the quick "Refrigerator Times".

I spent some time trying to do this innately in the website, however I could not find something. (I ended up building my own via exported data in excel).

Anyways, just an idea! Love the website :)


This feature is now complete. You'll notice a new checkbox that shows/hides Havdalah times


Hi, thanks for using Hebcal and thanks for this suggestion. We're working on this feature and getting ready to release it.

You can append &havdalah=1 to our Fridge shabbat times page. So if the URL from the website is this:


Then you can get Havdalah times like this:


Please take a look and tell us what you think!