Jubilee years

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From 2017 you count back exactly 600 years to get the Jubilee year (1416-)1417. The one after that was (1466-)1467. Start with a known Jubilee year, add or subtract 7 and that's a Sabbatical year. Keep doing that until you've done it 7 times. The year before or after that is a Jubilee year. Since adding or subtracting 7 repeatedly from 1417 can be a pain, use a calculator and make a chart. I haven't seen one already made.


Is it possible to include a way to mention which years are the Jubilee year cycles? Writing a novel based in the late medieval time period. Around the year 1400, but haven't figured out exactly which year due to I want to base it around the Jewish/Hebrew Jubilee year. I'm no mathematical scholar and thus having a hard time trying to find a simple list or chart chronicling Sabbatical and Jubilee years. The few sources I've been able to find online are conflicting and aren't aligning the same years. All I know is the last Jewish year of 5777 a Jubilee, falls into our calendar year of 2016-2017. So my only option is starting out with those years as a guide to count backwards about 600 years to get to the equivalent of around 1400 or so. But i'm a visuals person so it needs to all be done on paper in a list format so I can understand it. Unless of course someone else knows of a reliable source that's already undertaken that....