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Yahrzeit Candle app not posting to facebook, setting changes not saved

David Golden 5 years ago updated by Michael J. Radwin 5 years ago 1
I have been using this app for quite a few years now on Facebook, I get the email reminder but earlier this ear I noticed the reminders were not getting posted to Facebook. I went to the app and checked my setting and saw the post to Facebook was unchecked, I checked it and thought I fixed the problem.

I didn't check my email this past weekend and I don't see the items posted to my timeline and I missed the Yahrzeit lighting for my mother. I went back to the app to recheck the settings and the Facebook was unchecked AGAIN. I placed a check in it and went back to Facebook and then went back to the app and the check was once again removed.

There is no save setting button so how do I get the app to save the setting changes I make?
Under review
Hi, thanks for your message.

Hebcal.com does provide a yahrzeit calculator, but we do not provide any Facebook integration. Is it possible that the Yahrzeit candle app you use is provided by someone else?

Sorry we can't be more helpful.