Hanukkah Saturday night doesn't show Havdalah.

Azzie Katz 3 years ago updated by glenm201 3 years ago 3

Yes, I saw the post (linked below) as "not a bug", but this is an issue, because APIs can look for "Candle lighting" and "Havdalah" (for Shabbat) to do things such as enable and disable devices, and because it isn't listed, those actions will not occur.

Please fix this and display a duplicate time for Havdalah and Candles for that one night a year.


Also- yes Friday night has it properly, with both "Candle Lighting" and "Candles" listed, just not Saturday night.

I agree. My fridge light failed to turn itself back on this evening (after Shabbat).

As I can see it, the only way to identify Motzaei Shabbat/Yomtov in the current setup is to look for category="havdalah" or category="holiday" AND title startsWith "Chanukah" and the day is Shabbat (based on the datetime). For every other Shabbat and Yomtov throughout the year category="havdalah" is sufficient.

Agree -- this **IS** a bug. Read Johnny Graham's logic and tell me that makes sense by design!? 

Aside from that, if the API is called with maj=off, then it shows both Havdalah and Candles on Saturday night. Trouble is, it foolishly uses the same category for Shabbos and Chanukah candles, so you can't distinguish one from the other from the API return values.

A second bug, IMO.