sukkot chol ha mo'ed Torah portions

RabbiMeirah 6 years ago 0

I am trying to figure out the Torah reading for a person who died Oct. 21 2016. It is Sukkot, Chol ha Moed day 3 (5th day of Sukkot.) I am finding two problems. 1. In the calendar, the days of Sukkot are listed, I through VII, noting which ones are Chol ha Mo'ed. When I go to the Torah portions, the designation for what "day" it is is listed a little differently. Then, for my day in question, The final aliyah seems to go back and repeat a previous aliyah, but not the one directly previous. I don't know how to toggle between this page and the relevant Hebcal page to check while I am writing this to you. These things confuse me a lot, so I would like another's eyes to check it out. Thanks!