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Erev Chag vs Chol Hamoed

Gershon G 3 weeks ago updated 5 days ago 2

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As you can see, in the first yom tov of pesach, the day where the holiday comes in is marked as "Erev Pesach" whereas at the end of chol hamoed, the last yom tov doesn't have such a designation so that when it gets imported into outlook, the user does not know that it is really a half day and not a real, full chol hamoed day.

Hi Michael,

That's a good question - I'm not really sure since the only digital calendar I use is hebcal!  My input will go only as far as to point out that there should be one corresponding color/theme for a complete chol hamoed day, and another color/theme for a day where a yom tov begins whether that's within chol hamoed or at the start of the chag.

My reasoning here being that the whole point of a digital calendar is to block off time as either work or personal time(or vacation days) and since erev chag is treated differently from a complete day off like chol hamoed (especially in Israel as one is legitimate gov't day off vs chol hamoed which is not).

Under review

Thanks so much for your feedback! How do other calendars in Israel annotate the last day of חוה״מ so that non-observant people know that there should only be a half day of work? If you can share some other examples, this would help is in understanding how to design an enhancement for the Outlook calendar feed for Israel.