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Hebcal core on react app not working

davidamiga14 3 weeks ago updated by Michael J. Radwin 3 weeks ago 1


I tried using the @hebcal/core library on a react project, but it gives me this error when launching the app

./node_modules/@hebcal/core/dist/index.mjs 6243:10
Module parse failed: Unexpected token (6243:10)
File was processed with these loaders:
* ./node_modules/babel-loader/lib/index.js
You may need an additional loader to handle the result of these loaders.
| * @private
| */
> latitude;
| /**
| * @private

Can someone help me with this?


Under review

Looks like an issue with you using an older version of Node.js

Try using @hebcal/core version 5.3.3 and see if that fixes the problem for you?