Can I import more than a one year calendar to outlook

David Englander 7 years ago updated by durgazone 6 years ago 2

I was able to create a calendar and then subscribe so I can view it in outlook, but it is only a one year calendar and I want to be able to see Hebrew dates etc. a few years into the future. How do I do that?


We recently added support for "perpetual" calendar feeds to Hebcal.com. Now, when you use our Add to Google Calendar feature, you will get a perpetual 2-to-5 year feed that always is based on the current Gregorian or Hebrew year.

The variable length of the number of years depends on how many events we can fit into the feed. Most calendars can hold a full 5 years of events. If, however, you select an option like "Show Hebrew date every day of the year" or "Daf Yomi", these will generates 365 events per year, so we can only do a 2-year feed...

If you wish to download events many many years in the future, you can use our Google calendar alternate download option to download and then upload .ics files. If you choose to go this path, pease note carefully to use your new, separate calendar in steps 13-14 so you don’t inadvertently merge Hebcal events with your own events.