Can we adjust misheyakir – Earliest talis & tefillin to a different degree?

matthew polaniecki 3 months ago updated by Michael J. Radwin 3 months ago 3

We would like to have misheyakir – Earliest talis & tefillin – MisheyakirSun is 11.5° below the horizon in the morning at 12.9 degrees. Can we make this adjustment on our side? 

To confirm, "rising" is True and "setting" is set for False? 


yes, correct! True for sunrise, false for sunset

Under review

Hi, thanks for contacting Hebcal.

If you are building an application using the @hebcal/core JavaScript package, then yes, this change is very easy to do. Use the function zmanim.timeAtAngle(12.9, true)


If you are using the Zmanim REST API, sorry, we don't yet have a way to pass in custom angles.