Under review

Amid Yomi. Can we have this option as well?

Yosef Kalish 3 months ago updated by Michael J. Radwin 3 months ago 1

There is already an option to include Daf Yomi and maybe someday I'll get there. In the meantime, may we have the option to download the Amud Yomi calendar?

Under review

Hi, we looked into Amud Yomi, and it appears a bit too complex for Hebcal to implement at this time. Unlike Daf Yomi, there are many different options for Amud Yomi, and we don't have the ability to make a customizable feed just yet. We are very sorry we can't help with this feature.

We did find an Amud Yomi + Custom Review Program Generator that someone else created. Can you take a look as see if this will work for you?