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I created a yahrzeit calendar (after August 2020), and downloaded to Google Calendar (the standard method listed), but I need to edit it and would like to add another name. On your website and here it says to either go back to hebcal.com/yahrzeit or to open the event in google calendar and click on the link - I tried both ways, but when I click update calendar after making my edits my calendar doesn't update. I tried downloading again, but google says this calendar is already installed. I tried unsubscribing to the calendar, making my changes, and downloading, but it downloads what I originally entered without the edits I made. Am I missing something?

Additionally, I see it automatically created a "reminder" event the day before each yahrzeit - is there any way to eliminate this?

We're working on adjusting the title of the event to be in Hebrew if the name specified contains Hebrew characters. Here's an example of what we're experimenting with

יאָרצײַט ה-28 של פלוני (י״ג חשון)

There seem to be differing opinions about whether the event should be called יארצייט, ום השנה, נחלה, or even יום פטירתו

I am not a Hebrew speaker - so I could use a bit of guidance here. Do you have a recommendation? 

I'm not sure which one would make more sense. When I asked about the Hebrew option, I was thinking specifically about the date - I would prefer to see the title in English, and the date in Hebrew, but I don't know how practical that would be for you to implement


Hi Chaim, we have added a new option to the download dialog box to disable the reminders the day before. See screenshot below.

Since the checkbox generates a new calendar feed URL, you will need to subscribe to a new calendar feed to get a version without reminder events. First unsubscribe from the existing calendar in Google Calendar, and then subscribe to the new calendar feed.

Image 266

Hi Chaim, thanks for the additional feedback. We're surprised by the 11:30am local time issue you mentioned. This will require further investigation.

On the Hebrew date being rendered in Hebrew instead of transliteration, no, there currently isn't a way to change the language here. You can uncheck the "Include Hebrew dates" box for now. Perhaps we'll someday add support for multiple languages.


I just noticed another thing - in the title of the yahrzeit event the Hebrew date is listed in English eg "Ploni's 1st Yahrzeit (16th of Kislev)" is there any way to change that to show the date in Hebrew eg טז כסלו?


Another thing I noticed is in the "5783 Year In Review" post on your website it says that the reminder the day before is at 4:30PM local time. When I downloaded the calendar feed I saw the reminders the day before at 11:30AM, and in the yahrzeit calendar settings in Google Calendar the time zone is set to GMT+00:00 with no way to change it. I'm not sure if this is a bug, or an issue on the Google side, but I'm assuming for those that want the reminders it would be helpful to be able to adjust that.

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There isn't currently a way to suppress the reminder event the day before.

This is a good suggestion. We should be able to add as a checkbox to the yahrzeit download options to enable/disable these reminders. It may be a few weeks before we find the time to implement that feature. We'll keep this question open and will plan to close it when we have made the change.

Yes, the updates are there now, thanks! I guess I just assumed it would update immediately just like when I originally subscribed to the feed...

What about the reminder event the day before the yahrzeit - is there any way to eliminate this?

Under review

Hi, thanks for using the Hebcal Yahrzeit + Anniversary calendar with Google Calendar. 

We understand that you have made changes on the Hebcal.com website, but the changes have not yet been reflected on your Google Calendar.

Because of how Google Calendar subscription feeds work, it typically takes 24-48 hours for changes to reflect on the Google side. Can you check back and see if the updates now appear?