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Embedding Shabbat candle lighting times API with the ability to select different locations (like Chabad's)

Nathaniel 2 months ago updated by Michael J. Radwin 2 months ago 1

We need someone who can integrate the HebCal Shabbat candle lighting times API with the ability for visitors to input their local location into our wordpress website? We've tried to follow the documentation but need help. Willing to pay. Email npool32@aol.com

Under review

Hi, thanks for posting this question on the Hebcal user support page.

As you correctly observed, the Shabbat candle lighting times widget doesn't natively support any ability for visitors to enter their own location. 

A software developer could use the API to offer such a feature and integrate it into your wordpress website. We regret that we at Hebcal.com aren't able to do that work (even for pay). 

We'll leave this question open in the hopes that someone else who might be interested in taking on the work will respond.

Best of luck to you!