Using Hebcal for a physical yahrzeit Board

Micha Moses 1 year ago updated by Michael J. Radwin 1 year ago 1


In our Synagogue in Amsterdam RAS sjoel - RAS Sjoel we just installed a wooden Yharzeit board. In the small indivual name boards there is a lamp. The idea is that the lamp is switched on 2-3 days before the date and 2-3 after the date switched off. At present we are doing this manually, but we would like to do this automatically. 

In the back of the board we can install a kind of relay wich guides the lamps to switch on the gregorian date using the type of tables that are used by Hebcal/


- Anybody having experience with this kind of solution ?

- Does anybody know and /or heard of a similar solution

- Is it possible to use the API.

Any advise and help is very welcome.



Hi, thanks for using Hebcal.

We are aware of one company that manufactures digital yahrzeit boards and uses the Hebcal API


You are also welcome to use the Yahrzeit + Anniversary REST API if you wish to build your own solution.

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