Smart hone customizability based on shabat/Yom tov times

Avi Parshan 6 months ago updated by Michael J. Radwin 6 months ago 2

It would be really cool if I could have the start or end of a holiday or shabat trigger some automation... 

such as, having smart plugs turn on or off, maybe shutting off the microphone on alexa, a ring or notification sound before or after the event (such as an 18 minute warning for the men).

alternatively,  if there is some hebcal app that can interface with IFTTT, zapper,  homeassistant , or tasker I could certainly use that as a base and build the rest up myself. 

overall your site is super useful and these features might be hard to implement hut will be much appreciated!


This would be a great idea!

Note that someone already implemented a Home Assistant using the Python hdate library, which offers similar functionality.


We'll investigate what it might take to implement other integrations.