Reminders not showing up

Alipoppins 6 months ago updated by Michael J. Radwin 6 months ago 1

I have an iPhone 13 and I had set up my Yahrzeit calendar and the reminders were all there. 
i can no longer see the reminders. 
move tried to delete the calendar. 
I’ve unsubscribed and re subscribed. 
I’ve tried to download and add the calendar with a subscription. 
it doesn’t seem to matter what I do, I can’t get the reminders back on my calendar. 
i have another one that shows up fine, I tried to duplicate all the settings, but nothing seems to add it back in. 


Hi, thanks for using the Hebcal Yahrzeit + Anniversary calendar. I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble with reminders not working correctly on your iPhone 13.

Could you send the calendar URL to mradwin@hebcal.com so we can investigate and assist you directly?

Go to https://www.hebcal.com/yahrzeit in a web browser, and then click on an existing calendar in the "View or edit an existing personal calendar" section of the page.

Then, click the Download button, and iCalendar, and then copy the URL to the clipboard and email it to us.