Using Hebcal for an E-Yahrazeit Board

Tuvia Cutick 2 years ago updated by Michael J. Radwin 2 years ago 2

I am looking to create an electronic yahrzeit board that displays virtual "plaques" of loved ones during the month of their yahrzeit.  I want to use HebCal as the backend to drive that.  I would also like to integrate the zmainim clock/calendar, the weekly parasha, and the day yomi schedule on the board.  Basically, I'm looking to build a stand-alone version of what www.digizman.com or www.beegeesystems.com offers without the subscriptions.  Can HebCal support this?  Has anyone done this already?


Hi, thanks for contacting Hebcal. This sounds like a superb project!

You can definitely use our APIs to do all of what you describe above. Our licensing supports this and this 100% lines up with our mission to help help Jews to be observant of the mitzvot.

If you're planning to implement this with our web APIs, here are some pointers for what you'll want to use

If you want to build your application entirely in JavaScript and want to avoid the Internet connectivity requirement for the REST API calls, you can also build the same product using our JS native APIs. The @hebcal/core package will do all of the above.

Here are the JavaScript equivalent APIs

We're aware of one company using Hebcal APIs to do this already; it's called Yahrzeitronix and their product is called YahrDisplay.

If for some reason you run into any issues, please let us know.

The spell checker changed "HebCal" to "Hubcap."  Apologies for the confusion.